Spagh. strap leotard "Ball (731PK4950)
Top racer back "# Dance" (732PK2932)
Legging Enkel Katoen (PK3031)


Shorts "# Dance" (732PK2942)
Balletpakje met Korte Mouw (PK4021)
Pinched Balletpakje (12PK4211)
Balletpakje spaghetti bandjes (12PK4212)Balletpakje spaghetti bandjes (12PK4212)
Cross-over (PK2051)
Shirt "Sporty Lips" (733PK2938)
Pinched Balletpakje (PK4004)Pinched Balletpakje (PK4004)
T-shirt Katoen (16PK2934)
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