Shirt l/sl "Try 2 Move" (736PA2959)
Sweatshirt "Dance Grooves (735PA2955)
Broek met zakken (9PA3554)
Balletpak met Lange Mouwen (PA4032)Balletpak met Lange Mouwen (PA4032)
Broek met rechte pijp (PA3047)
Omslag broek (7PA3251)
T-shirt off shoulder (10PA2239)T-shirt off shoulder (10PA2239)
Ankle pants "Push Dance" (743PA3970)
Shirt "Push Dance" (743PA2963)
Long shirt  "Try 2 Move" (736PA2958)
Shirt s/sl wide "Dance Grooves (735PA2953)
Leotard V "I’am a Dancer" (734PA4961)
Leotard turtle "I’am a Dancer" (734PA4960)
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